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Cybersecurity Consultant

07:22:46 07/10/2022 328
Địa điểm: Hà Nội
Ngành nghề: Công nghệ thông tin, Quản lý điều hành
Mô tả công việc:
Cybersecurity Consultant
* Recruitment Code: IT-E
* Salary: negotiable based on actual experience
* Experience: 3 years or more
* Working location: GPO's client company - a Singpaporean Software & IT company, Office based in Da Nang or Hanoi (candidates live in Da Nang or Hanoi are preferable)
Job description:
● Works with internal teams to directly engage client projects and consults around compliance and security issue, needs, remediation and make recommendations for resolution
● Drafts reports or presentations to client showing the updates needed to ensure their systems are operating for compliance
● Works with team on creating initial project plans for the client, participating in planning sessions and attending meetings for client projects
● Conducts Risk Assessment and Vulnerability Assessment
● Participates in the review, validation, observation, and documentation of internal controls based on frameworks such as Payment Card Industry (PCI); National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST); International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) and Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX) IT standards
● Assists in evaluation of observations and providing possible solutions for and courses of action and in achieving the best results based on the client’s business needs
● Prepares reports for clients, highlighting work performed, issues identified and possible solutions/ recommendations
● Coordinates with other Business Units in relation to technical issues and other due diligence project components.
● Travels up to 20% of the time as necessary (nationally and internationally)
Yêu cầu ứng viên:
Job requirements
● Bachelor’s degree with a focus in Computer Science, Information Security, Accounting, or Finance, preferred
● Three (3) or more years experience working with 1 or more compliance framework such as Payment Card Industry (PCI); National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST); International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) and Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX) IT standards.
● Three (3) year of prior experience in management consulting, technology advisory, or technology project management is preferred
● Prior experience working within a consulting organisation or professional services is preferred
Other Knowledge, Skills & Abilities:
• Excellent verbal and written communication skills in Vietnamese and English
• Ability to identify issues and anomalies through review of supporting information
• Solid organisational skills, especially the ability to meet project deadlines with a focus on details
• Ability to successfully multitask while working independently or within a group environment
• Ability to work in a deadline-driven environment and contribute to multiple projects simultaneously
• Ability to participate in a team environment on engagements
• Ability to interact effectively with people at all organisational levels of the client and within our own organisation.
• Skills: teamwork, planning, good communication and presentation skills. Highly disciplined spirit, dare to take responsibility for what you do
Quyền lợi người lao động:
* Benefit:
• Salary: negotiable based on actual experience
• Enjoy full benefits as prescribed by Vietnamese Labour law
• Other benefits: bonus, welfare... according to the Company's regulations.
• Dynamic, professional working environment, high promotion opportunities.
Yêu cầu hồ sơ:
* How to apply:
- Interested candidates send English CV to with e-mail Subject: Name – Year of Birth – Requisition Code (Example: Adam Smith – 1985 –IT-E)
- Mobile/Viber/Whatsapp: +84 904155707.
- Detail:
Hạn nộp hồ sơ: 30/10/2022
Tên đơn vị tuyển dụng: Công ty GPO
Số điện thoại: 02471096868
Địa chỉ: 80B Nguyễn Văn Cừ, P.Bồ Đề, Q.Long Biên, Hà Nội
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